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Sven Hammond – 10 Years of Sven Hammond

Top notch Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Jazz band from the Netherlands. Part of the yearly North Sea Jazz Festival line up…

Paard van Troje / 07 March 2014, 05 March 2015 & 06 February 2016

Since 2006, Sven Hammond has been making waves in the Pop, Rock and Blues scene in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond. They’ve been a key act in the yearly North Sea Jazz festival, and have contributed much to the genre and its evolution in Northern Europe.

To celebrate 10 years of Sven Hammond, and of soulful music and smokey tunes, Paard van Troje, together with the band, have thrown a bash for their 10 year anniversary.

Sven Hammond's 10th anniversary @ Paard van Troje! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Their combination of different genres in their music have drawn interest from the very start, and their albums have been well received. A small band with humble beginnings in The Hague, they’ve now gotten a foothold in the international music scene. Their second decade looks set to take off with further explorations into their unique take on Blues and Rock, and Paard van Troje has thrown a bash worthy of welcoming their new decade.