An Pierlé at a concert
Music Photography

An Pierlé – Contemporary Art Pop

With her powerful voice, An Pierlé draws you into bittersweet songs with quirky lyrics, reminiscent of Tori Amos and Kate Bush…

The moment she began singing, An Pierlé captivated the audience with her powerful voice and strong and eclectic presence on stage. The first thing that really grabs you is how perfect and forceful her vocals are, they absolutely grab you and draw you into the song, bringing you along for the ride down the quirky, and at times, puzzling lyrics.

She reminded me a lot of some of my favourite female singer-songwriters who made it big in the 90s – particularly Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

I enjoyed the bittersweet and catchy melodies that rode on An Pierlé’s voice, and the rich beats of the drums and the rhythm of the electric guitar.

Paard / 29 March 2017