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Bombay – Amazing Live Experience

Bombay, a post-punk indie band from Amsterdam electrifies the crowd with their energetic guitar riffs, catchy tunes and ear worm choruses…

Originally “Bombay Show Pig”, this Amsterdam-based indie-rock band found instant fame with their 90’s lo-fi sound and a 3FM nomination for best alternative group. Today, the band is simply known as Bombay. In losing a bit of its name, it has found new depth in its music.

Bombay, being absolutely amazing on stage @ Paard van Troje! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Catchy tunes and earworm choruses remained. Combined with post-punk guitar riffs, their music continues to pump electric energy into any audience. However, the best way to experience Bombay is not at home on your Hi-Fi – their live performances are second to none and they have to be seen face-to-face!

They’ve played at festivals such as Dour and SXSW, but here we caught up with them in the Paard van Troje in Den Haag.

We got in touch with Bombay, to pick their brains with regard to life, art, music and more. Here is what they had to say:

1. Describe your act on a dating site using only three words?
Tall, dark, handsome
2. Pick a dead artist to join you on stage and perform with you…
I would have to pick Lou Reed, I think it would be nice if he could do some vocal harmonies
3. Analogue, digital, or…?
A little bit of both, you can’t beat analogue sound but I couldn’t do without my computer when I’m writing.
4. Modern art – rubbish or a misunderstood genius?
Misunderstood or sometimes even understood genius.
5. What is your most peculiar pet peeve?
People on the street that bump into you. Sometimes you get these people who are so stupid/oblivious that even though you can see them from a mile away they still manage to bump into you. That really grinds my gears

Paard / 10 November 2016