Wadi Mujib, Siq Trail, Jordan

Wadi Mujib – The Siq Trail

A fun an exhilarating adventure, canyoning through Wadi Mujib made us feel like we were on the set of the Pirates of the Caribean. The feeling of floating along the river, with towering cliffs on either side, was most memorable…

Canyoning through Wadi Mujib was incredible. At the beginning of the trail, we donned life jackets and walked down the flimsy aluminium ramps and stairs, not knowing what to expect. Wading down the shallows into the gorge, we felt like we’d entered a Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, except without the same safety precautions and with the potential to slip up badly.

Deeper in, when we could no longer walk on the river bed, there were ropes pinned in a zig-zag pattern through the gorge. These you grabbed onto and pulled yourself forward with, further into the canyon while floating on your life-vest.

girl splashing water while canyoning in wadi mujib siq trail
Fooling around in the Siq Trail

No words, and no amount of GoPro videos, can accurately capture what it feels like going through that gorge. Floating on long stretches of calm waters before scrambling over gigantic boulders that break up fast and forceful rapids, which could well sweep you off your feet. The only thing to cling on to, these colourful nylon ropes nailed into the narrow rock face, and your life-jacket.

man and woman canyoning in wadi mujib siq trail, jordan
We pulled ourselves along the trail with ropes

Because it was April, we only had access to the short trail, with a portion of the regular path having been closed off, due to a recent flood making some areas too dangerous to cross. Nevertheless, it was still stunning, and the reward at the end of the siq, a magnificent waterfall. On retrospect, I would say this adventure definitely looked harder than it actually was, and that everyone should give it a go. One can always turn back if the going got too tough.

Sunlight through the canyon of the wadi mujib siq trail
Sunlight cracking through the cliffs of the trail