North Coast, Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde
Cape Verde

Experience Cape Verde – Photo Gallery

Stop and take a moment to view the breath-taking landscapes of Cape Verde, from the desert landscapes of Tarrafal to the lush mountains of Santo Antão…

The islands of Cape Verde are home to a laid-back way of life that has disappeared in our modern world. Here, nature is wild and rugged, an effect of the volcanically active land the islands sit upon.

Hiking on the island of Santo Antão was a truly memorable experience. We met many hikers there who come back year after year, always discovering new trails and perspectives on the island. Here, we stayed in the unique ecolodge, Aldeia Manga, built high up in the mountains, amidst other sheer precipices that soar around it.

We had the privilege to celebrate New Year’s in the home of a local woman, Eugenia, who had repatriated back from the United States to her home island of Brava. It was also in Brava where we got the opportunity to hike in the cloud forests that covers its peaks.

The beaches of Cape Verde are also very remote. Even the well-known ones are not overcrowded and are perfect spots of tranquillity. Our favourite was the black sand beach of Tarrafal. This beach is incredibly remote and difficult to get to but it was worth the effort.