Tombs, Petra, Jordan

Experience Jordan – Photo Gallery

A small country in the Middle East, Jordan is one of the few accessible places in the region that remain safe to visit. Join us for two weeks of adventure, from the deserts of Wadi Rum to the shores of the Dead Sea…

Jordan is an incredible country. We visited because of the ancient city of Petra, but discovered so much more along the way. Among the canyons of Wadi Rum, we uncovered one of the world’s most dramatic desert landscapes. Here, its canyons were shaped by processes from aeons ago, when the desert floor was still under the ocean. In the Dana Valley Nature Reserve, we hiked through multiple micro-climates. Starting from the cliffs of Wadi Dana, we descended to the desert floor, where we stayed in a Bedouin-run ecolodge.

We captured the incredible architecture of Amman, a modern city steeped in tradition, dived in world-renowned dive-sites in Aqaba and of course, floated in the Dead-Sea.