Breathtaking Nature – Fire Lake Timelapse

Experience the breathtaking view of the Fire Lake (Lagoa do Fogo) on São Miguel with this timelapse…

Our guide, Andre, told us that Lagoa do Fogo was the most beautiful place on all the islands of the Azores. “When I die, I would like to have my ashes scattered here”, he said. The lagoon was more breathtaking than we could imagine. Honestly, I can say it is up there as one of the most stunning locations we’ve set foot on.

The Fire Lake is a caldera (a lake in the crater of a volcano), set within the Água de Pau Massif stratovolcano, in the centre of the island of São Miguel. The hike up to the lake was itself wonderful. It was more of a walk than a hike, through paved terraces beside a water channel, shaded by flowering trees. It was enchanting.

We’ve tried to capture some of its beauty and our wonderment at this incredible location in this motion timelapse of the Fire Lake.

For more about our hike to this lake, check out our post “Fire Lake Hike“.

Many thanks to the great people of the Azores Adventure Islands Tours ( for taking us there!

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