Night Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Although it was difficult to get to the dive location, the Spanish Dancer encounter was truly out of this world…

It was a bit of an ordeal to do some night diving in Aqaba. Getting to the location was not easy, with nighttime curfews and specifically designated spots where one could enter the sea after dusk. The adventure was well worth it though.

It was spooky at first, entering into the dark murky water, and then descending. Even with the lights on, the surrounding darkness felt suffocating. Once I got used to it however, the strangeness of the ocean at night was a fascinating experience. Being underwater is unintuitive, being underwater at night is outrightly bizarre. I truly felt as if I was on an alien planet, with the eerie silence, unnaturally calm waters and sleeping fish all around.

We caught a glimpse of the beautiful Spanish Dancer, which made my dive.

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Music: Frost Waltz by Kevin MacLeod (