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Onuka – Ukrainian Electro Folk

Onuka performs with fiery passion and a deep excitement for every piece, and their energy is utterly infectious…

Paard van Troje / 14 January 2017

Onuka is an experimental electronic dance group created by two Ukrainians, Eugene Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. Their music is a blend of deep house and ethereal folk melodies, lead by sultry trance female vocals.

Onuka, live, original and amazing @ Paard van Troje, The Hague! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

On stage, Nata said their style is”contemporary Ukrainian” and I can see why. It’s that delightful mix of Euro electro, expertly spiced with tunes from traditional instruments like the Sopilka (a small flute) and the Bandura (a type of lute). Nata also played a type of multi-layered, fan shaped castanet that added hypnotic, rhythmic beats throughout the music. The mix of traditional and contemporary was very well done. I’ve always felt that the combination of folk music and electro is a match made in heaven, and here, Onuka certainly proved the fact.

This mixing of old and new was also present in their costumes, with the three female leads in shiny, retro futuristic outfits and the men in more traditional garb that was updated for the 21st century.

The group had great stage presence and lots of energy. They performed with fiery passion and a deep excitement for every piece, and their energy was utterly infectious. Leaving the concert, I felt that Onuka is definitely one of the more original acts in electronic music I’ve seen so far.