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Rectum Raiders – Turbo Glam Rock

Rectum Raiders take turbo glam rock into a new direction with their crazy, wild and insanely trippy performance…

Paard van Troje / 26 February 2016

Positively the craziest rock show we’ve ever watched, there’s nothing and no one like the Rectum Raiders. Spandex rock or KISS on steroids, these guys live the lifestyle like they did in the 80’s, when performers and audience go wild and merge into one steaming throng on stage. Show, exhibition or live art, who knows? All we know is that they know how to play hard and get the audience rumping. Completely and wonderfully weird and perverse, they took over the Paard with force and passion.

Rectum Raiders, moments before getting on stage @ Paard van Troje! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

From Amsterdam and Nijmegen, they show the audience what Dutch rock can be, taking it into a completely different direction. Full on fun and craziness, and awesome skills with their meaty riffs, they left the audience sweating, thronging and asking for more.