Stephanie Pan - Beast
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Stephanie Pan – Beast 360 VR

This is the first full 360 VR video that we created, for the song “Beast” by Stephanie Pan, the whole epic 11 minutes of it…

Stephanie Pan is a vocalist, performance artist, composer and maker who spends most of her free time upside down doing circus, and believes corn and cats are the masters of the universe. Intrigued? Read on!

Stephanie and I wanted to co-operate on some kind of project for years, and we finally got together on this – a step into uncharted territory for both of us.

This song, “Beast”, is from her album “Have Robot Dog, Will Travel”. It is based on a text generated by a machine learning software, in collaboration with artist Tivon Rice. Trained for the occasion in the voice of writer Italo Calvino to describe images related to the texts of the rest of the album, and edited by Pan to its current state, it is an abstraction of an abstraction.

Inspired by the idea of this meta abstraction, Madhouse Heaven has created a full 360 VR video, yet another interpretative layer of hallucination. It is best viewed using some form of a VR headset, but can be enjoyed with just a mobile phone, as well as on a desktop. However, this last option is not that great – you really do want to look around, up and down and everywhere.

We asked Stephanie to answer these 5 questions:

1. Describe your act on a dating site using only three words?
I can’t even.
2. Pick a dead artist to join you on stage and perform with you…
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson or Hildegard van Bingen.
3. Analogue, digital, or…?
4. Modern art – rubbish or a misunderstood genius?
Genius propaganda.
5. What is your most peculiar pet peeve?
When people leave single grains of rice on their plate after eating. I was properly indoctrinated by my mother.

“Have Robot Dog, Will Travel” is available now on, and iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. For more on Stephanie, visit