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Višegrad Massacres – A Town on Fire

Animation made in remembrance of the Višegrad Massacres, where around 140 people, including women and children, were burned alive. May we never forget them…

Once famous for its Mehmed-paša Sokolović Bridge over the river Drina, Višegrad is known today as one of the most emblematic crime scenes in the war-torn region of the former Yugoslavia. In the summer of 1992, violent attacks against the non-Serb population began. On 14 June 1992, at least 63 Bosnian Muslim civilians were burned alive in a house on Pionirska Street. On 27 June, another group of 70 Bosnian Muslim civilians were burned in a house in Bikavac Street. 

This short animation was made in remembrance of the victims of these horrendous events. May we never forget the injustices done against them and the suffering inflicted upon the Bosnian Muslim community of Višegrad.

Music: Anguish by Kevin MacLeod (